Ramen Restaurant by wooootles

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There’s something very realistic about this build from wooootles and at the same time it also feels like it could be an official Lego set. The sign lettering is nice (although I must admit I can’t read it!) and the facade details including the vertical tan vent tiles and the lanterns are a great touch.

The levels above the ground floor have a feeling of familiarity like I’ve somehow seen this building before. Which I think is a testament to how well the builder has distilled this architecture style down to what works best in Lego. Nicely done!

Check out the Flickr album for more exterior and interior shots.

BTL-S3 Y-Wing Bomber by Jerac

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File under: “almost didn’t think it was Lego”. This greeble-fest from Jerac is loaded with lots of great little detailing and some nice techniques. The color balance is also very nice with the tan bits breaking up the large areas of light gray.

You can also get the instructions on Brick Vault for $19.99 USD.

Loner’s Paradise by betweenbrickwalls

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Maybe it’s just me, but I always associate Sarah Beyer (betweenbrickwalls) with impeccable modern architecture builds with tons of great interior photographs. So it’s fun to see her equally impeccable builds in different genres.

This time she’s built a whimsical seaside hideaway. I wish I could visit!

Check out the album for many more angles and of course some great interior detail shots.

Rapid Isolation Unit by Tino Poutiainen

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This figure by Tino Poutiainen definitely looks rapid. The pose really creates a dynamic feeling of action. And I don’t know what’s oozing out of that container, but I’m pretty sure I don’t want to know either (but it looks cool).

Lloyd’s Gunman by The Frenchy Bricks Junky

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I’m not sure what made this guy so angry but he looks mad as hell! This is a rebuild of 70676 Lloyd’s Titan Mech (info on Brickset). It’s the second alternate build of this set by The Frenchy Bricks Junky (the first was the badass Lloyd’s Zoid). Check out the YouTube video and the build instructions on Rebrickable.

Mimic by Corvus Auriac MOCs

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Definitely a mimic! Fantastic build of this classic role playing game monster (first introduced in the Dungeons & Dragons Monster Manual in 1977 according to wikipedia). This rendition is especially intimidating with its huge sharp teeth and long creepy purple tongue. The dark red croissant piece is a stroke of genius that give the gums a really life-like texture.

Corvus Auriac MOCs builds upon awesome previous models Treasure Chest and (most recently) Antique Chest.

The Caretaker by dviddy

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The shaping on this build is incredible. Builder Patrick Biggs (dviddy) used a whole lot of bionicle pieces to achieve it and it turned out stunning. The limited color palette was a nice choice too. Amazing!

Mecha Crab by ToyForce 120

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Another awesome animal mech from Mitsuru Nikaido (ToyForce 120) (Flickr | Facebook). This time it’s a crab. The eyes give this build a lot of character. Check out the album for many more photos.

Jake & BMO by Joffre Zheng

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Another duo of Adventure Time characters from Joffre Bricks. I’m not really familiar with the show, but these guys look great.

Dig Site by Legopard

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This Jurassic Park scene should be the first of a series according to builder Jonas Kramm. I’m already looking forward to seeing what’s next, but in the meantime there’s a ton of clever parts usage and realistic details to see here. I dig it!

Titoy’s Magical Chair / Ang Madyik Silya ni Titoy by Messymaru

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This build by Lu Sim (Messymaru) represents the children’s book Titoy’s Magical Chair (Ang Madyik Silya ni Titoy) by Russell Roland Molina and Mabi David-Balangue. It’s a great Lego representation of the illustrations from Marcus Nada.

Visit the Flickr post to give it a much deserved star and to read some more background from Lu Sim.

Harry Potter – Hogwarts Skyline by BenBuildsLego

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Artist BenBuildsLego has worked some magic again. This time building an incredible skyline of the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

This build really packs in all the most important details and landmarks around Hogwarts including the Hogarts Express, Forbidden Forest, Hagrid’s hut, the Whomping Willow, and the Quidditch pitch. It’s also a really nice touch to have the great hall at an angle.

Edit: Build instructions are now available on GumRoad

Ice Cream Truck by de-marco

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Another fun 4-stud-wide car build from de-marco (build instructions on YouTube). This time it’s a cute ice cream truck. The stripes look great and the little details like the vent cover help add to the realism.

The light green background is a brilliant choice as it really lets the orange pop and it provides a spring/summer feeling. I’ll have a scoop of chocolate on a waffle cone please!

Longing by aukbricks

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A stunningly gorgeous and very innovative build from aukbricks (Flickr / Instagram). The contrast of the realistic build and the pixel-art style background really add a feeling of depth. There’s also some great lettering work in this build as well. Hard to believe it’s computer rendered. Check out the album for a few more nice angles and close-ups

Fred Flintstone by SuckMyBrick

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Another fun character build by SuckMyBrick. This portrait of Fred Flintstone looks exactly like the cartoon! And I love how it’s a series of 2 dimensional layers and the hands coming out of the frame is a great touch.

Container by -derjoe-

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Wow! I love this rusted shipping container. It’s definitely seen better days. Great coloring for the wear and rust.

Space Explorer by r19479

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I actually really like that artist R 194 doesn’t give any backstory or explanation about this build aside from the title. So we’re able to imagine any story ourselves. I can imagine those long arms picking up soil or plant samples on a new planet or sifting through a shipwreck perhaps. Whatever it does, it’s got a lot of character.


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Master of large character builds, Eero Okkonen, is back with another. As always it looks fantastic and is loaded with some cool part usage. I especially love the minifig hands as eyes, the gold nanofig earrings and the shape and texture of the hair. Also check out Eero’s blog post with loads more photos and details about the character inspiration and build process.

Gekko (from “Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots”) by SteppedOnABrick

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This is two great pieces in one from Marius Herrmann (SteppedOnABrick). First of course is the mech. The shaping  and color choices are really nice. Second is that wall. Oh man that wall is so amazing. The 2 builds balance each other out very nicely. Instructions are also available.

Ice King & Gunter by Joffre Zheng

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These Adventure Time characters built by Joffre Zheng (Joffre Bricks) look just like their cartoon counterparts. I especially like the brick work on the beard and crown.