This beefy fighter is not much more than two enormous guns flying around powered by two even larger engines, with the minimal amount of space and equipment necessary to keep a pilot alive crammed in where there was room left over. It is built to lead the charge on the unfortunate target ahead of larger, slower ships, taking out any defenses while dodging return fire. The name Jackknife comes from the faux swing-wings, and the large knife-like tail. While the wings don’t really move, I imagine that they would be swept forward as depicted for atmospheric flight, and swing back to provide an extra layer of protection over the engines and reduce the overall target size in space. I built this over the course of not quite six weeks, but the concept began much earlier. Back in June, we had just gotten an offer accepted to buy a new home and had the old one on the market. As such, I had to keep the Lego room (aka the bedroom) tidy so I couldn’t build much. Due to supply chain issues with the flooring in the new place, the move dragged on for 8 months. I spent much of that time planning this build. Even after all that time planning, I deviated from my vision a bit, which had a smaller tail in the back instead of wings. The rest, though, is fairly true to my plan. It wasn’t until February that we were finally settled in and I was able to start working on it. Having been deprived of Lego for so long, I worked on this feverishly, and probably spent a solid 200 hours on this. Working at any kind of normal pace this would have taken me quite a bit longer. I am have considered building an alternate version with the wings swept back since they don’t really function. However, I designed the ship to look good with the wings in the position that they are fixed in now, and I don’t know that it would look its best if I swept them back. In particular, without the wings to ease the transition between the lowslung engines and the rest of the body, I think it would look choppy. I could change things around to fix that, of course, but then it wouldn’t really be a swept-back version, it would be a different build with some features in common. This is part of my ongoing challenge to myself to do more with color. I spent a lot of my earlier AFOL days building in official space themes (looking at you M:Tron), which I still and always will love, but it does limit the color palette. It wasn’t until the <a href="">Ugly Duckling</a> that I got tired of the limitation and started pushing myself to go a bit crazier with color, Even that was mostly white with light and dark bley greebles. Here I’ve pushed the envelope a bit further with, by my count, 14 visible colors including translucent. Dark Azure is my current obsession, and has been a highlight color in my past 3 space builds. Pearl dark gray is my new greeble color obsession as of this build. This build is an accidental Vic Viper. That is, I didn’t start with the goal of building a Vic Viper, but the guns are large enough to qualify as the front prongs, and it checks the other boxes with the wings and tail. So a Vic Viper it is. See the video here for a 360 degree view: