For the longest time I’ve always loved the classic open top Bentley’s and the old lego adventures style of cars. So I thought I would combine both the elegance of the Bentley and the rough/modified look of the lego adventures vehicles as my inspiration for this build. As a kid I always loved making this style of car. I was constantly experimenting with engine details and trying to get as many tiny mechanical details in the build as possible. I’m using this build as more of a tribute to my childhood builds so of course I had to pack this car with as much chrome as I could. I was particularly pleased with the use of the Bellville bucket handle for the windscreen. I always struggled finding a nice piece for windscreens as a kid and was very pleased that after all these years I finally found a piece that I was happy with. Once I finished the build I made a little display stand for it. Which then sparked the idea of using an old slot car box to display it in. I thought it was a nice final touch to the build especially as a display piece.