Guiding a MechnoBeast across the salt flats was a hideous business. Slow, plodding steps, day and night. Constant breakdowns due to the wind eroding away components. Eternal loneliness on the multi-week treks. And if that power core failed more than a day's walk from either end of the journey, well you would become yet another rust heap on endless horizon. That is until the salt carried by the winds ate through you and everything that was left of your mount. Many who completed their first journey would never cross again, but to some it beat the constant risks of Piracy along the Charian River. No one was stupid enough to start a fight in the flats. One errant shot and everyone would be starving in the flats together. This build ended up having a bit more story inspiration behind it as the MOC developed to a final state this month after being left half finished this summer. Originally this was meant for the New Elementary Lantern contest, hence the prominent usage, but I quite like how it evolved beyond that. C&C Welcome! 3D view: