“We investigate anything!” Welcome to the world of 'The Three Investigators' and to the Jones Salvage Yard, home to their secret headquarters – an old 30-foot mobile trailer, hidden among the piles of junk and transformed into the centre of operations for the three young detectives! Their HQ contains secret exits, a small lab and darkroom, an office and a purpose-built periscope to monitor events outside! The adults have forgotten about the trailer and only The Three Investigators know it’s there. They keep it a mystery by using secret passageways to enter and exit the trailer, including Tunnel Two, an entrance that runs from their outdoor workshop, beneath some junk and under the headquarters, entering through a trap door! This digital MOC idea (although we have built the Rolls-Royce!) is currently also gathering support at Lego Ideas. More pictures can be found here - ideas.lego.com/projects/f747f52a-bdcf-4fcc-a697-d122bc605bb1